Twisted Tapas

What do you think of when you hear tapas? Are you thinking of small bite-sized dishes served together to create a sharing platter of Spanish enjoyment or maybe your thoughts end up with jugs of sangria or shots of tequila!

The vision usually leads the mind to think of hot summer days, sombrero straw hats, unbuttoned shirts showcasing a mighty hairy chest and a little salsa! Shake them hips! I don’t suppose your first thoughts are a platter of naughty treats for chocoholics. Well, this is exactly what this post is all about.

We had spent the day exploring the ‘Isle of Wight’ and today we were in need of some sugar! A couple of days before, we explored the wonders of capsaicin, when I had the pleasure of nearly blowing my tongue out of my mouth whilst visiting ‘House of Chilli’ (Please check out the ‘Feeling Hot, hot, hot’ post). I had been informed about the best spot for some hot chocolate by the chilli team who noted that the milk would help cool my taste buds down.

Chocolate Fun Fact 1 – The Ancient Aztecs used to believe that chocolate had magical powers and would likely give you extra-strength! That’s enough of a reason for me to indulge!

I am going to paint the picture here… we are tired, worn out and in need of a pick me up. Munching menace is creating a mini eruption in the rear of the car and she is hangry. Where do most of us turn to when we just need that little bit of help? It can be bitter or sweet, creamy or crunchy, dark or white and nearly always leaves a smile on your face. Chocolate!!

In light of the above, this is exactly why we planned on an outing to ‘Chocolate Island’ in Godshill, the best hot chocolate in town plus some take away treats for the road… That was the plan.

Kid in a sweet shop!

We arrived in earnest and keen to sample a few take-homes and then we planned on finding some lunch at a local pub. That was until we arrived in the shop, chocolate bling everywhere! There was a lot to sample and how do you choose between such a variety… My head was hurting even more at this point. It was like one of the moments when your sat nav decides to send you in different directions, by heck… Where do we start?

Chocolate Tapas – The only thing Spanish about this, was the churros served on the side. Imagine melted chocolate of your choice served alongside all of its favourite companions. You get to choose the volume here! Looking down at the plate certainly raised the eyebrows and then for a short moment in time, I felt like I was twelve again. The real fun part was switching between them crunchy little pretzels and then back to shortbread whilst keeping a tabs on your sharing partner (Munching Mummy) to make sure the portions are split equally. The only thing that would add some value here would be a cheeky chocolate tequila!!

Chocolate Fun Fact 2 – Remember chocolate gold coins? There was actually a time in history when chocolate had been used as a currency. The ancient Mayans valued the cocoa bean more than gold dust. They even regulated crops to ensure the stability of the currency!! Be wary of Quantitative easing people!

Munching Menace opted for chocolate cake, what better way to slow down a 3-year-old, who is full of energy and in need of some more? We weren’t quite expecting the portion size that arrived. Munching menace would require some support to finish this off, and I have always told munching menace that Daddy will help whenever needed!

We all done a cracking job and completed most of the task required of us (the most enjoyable task which I had been set for a while). The team at Chocolate Island have a great little spot here offering chocolate parties in the studio, bundles of chocoholic goodies and the chocolate cafe experience with plenty on offer. It is worth heading over the chocolate island to check them out.

Chocolate Fun Fact 3 – Melt in your mouth? This strapline really does have a meaning. The melting point of chocolate is just below the human body temperature helping that last piece melt on your tongue.

Does that make your mouth water?

It would be great to get your views on the tapas idea plus share some of your stories exploring the wonders of this little bean! Please head over to our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram or Twitter, all social links are connected to this page.

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